A collaborative initiative to redefine the future of fashion and design in Milan

Everything is ready for the upcoming Ideathon #RefashioningMilan. The city, known globally as a fashion and design hub, is preparing for an unprecedented transformation thanks to the innovative collaboration between Bocconi University, in partnership with MUSA, the City of Milan and Giorgio Armani. This event aims to catalyse ideas for redesigning Milan as the Capital of Sustainable and Circular Fashion and Design.

Scheduled for 10 and 11 May, Ideathon invites students from various disciplines related to fashion and design from Milan’s universities to showcase their projects and concepts. The goal is clear: to redefine Milan’s role as a leader in sustainable fashion and design, suggesting innovative approaches for Giorgio Armani and the City to design events during Fashion and Design Week that put sustainability, inclusiveness and urban regeneration at the centre.

At the helm of this initiative is Bocconi University, led by an illustrious team composed of Francesca Romana Rinaldi, Elena Scoccianti, Francesca Boni and Nicola Ruggiu, with the support of the SDA Bocconi Observatory for Circular Fashion. The institutions involved include the Politecnico di Milano, the Bicocca University and the Università Statale di Milano.

The Ideathon, a fusion of ideas and creativity, will take place over two days, culminating in the recognition of the most outstanding projects. Participants will explore various aspects of sustainability and circularity in fashion and design, addressing crucial issues such as waste reduction, ethical sourcing and community involvement.