An open-air workshop on urban and sustainable regeneration at the heart of the new urban space, a project that can be replicated in other cities to improve the quality of life

Tuesday 9 July at 10 a.m. will see the inauguration of the renovated Piazza della Scienza, transformed into an innovative open-air technological research laboratory. This project, the result of a year of renovation work at Bicocca University, aims to monitor the environmental and biological variables of urban and sustainable regeneration, thus offering a model that can be replicated in other urban contexts.

Located between four historical university buildings – U1 “Tellus”, U2 “Quantum”, U3 “Bios”, and U4 “Tellus” – the new Science Square represents a significant step towards a sustainable urban future. Thanks to the MUSA ecosystem, the square will not only be a place of transit but a true research space, capable of developing and testing good urban sustainability practices.

The project aims to create an environment that integrates nature and technology, monitoring environmental variables such as air quality, biodiversity and climatic conditions in real time. This approach makes it possible to obtain useful data to improve the quality of urban life and develop innovative solutions for the management of public spaces.

The inauguration is a unique opportunity to see the square’s new features up close and understand its potential impact on urban regeneration. To attend, accreditation is required by sending an e-mail to by 18:00 on 8 July 2024.

Event Programme
9.30 a.m.: Registration of participants
10.00 a.m.: Institutional greetings with speeches by:
Giovanna Iannantuoni, Rector of the University of Milano-Bicocca and President of MUSA
Giancarlo Tancredi, Councillor for Urban Regeneration of the Municipality of Milan
Elena Grandi, Councillor for Green Areas of the Municipality of Milan
Alessandro Fermi, Councillor for University, Research and Innovation, Lombardy Region
Raffaele Cattaneo, Undersecretary with responsibility for International and European Relations of the Lombardy Region
10.20 a.m.: Keynote speeches with:
Giovanna Iannantuoni, Rector and President of MUSA
Salvatore Torrisi, Pro-rector for Research Enhancement and Scientific Coordinator of MUSA
Riccardo Castellanza, Rector’s Delegate for Real Estate
Massimo Labra, Rector’s Delegate for Green Areas