Italy’s youngest graduate, hailing from Bocconi University, may herald an epochal transformation in the Italian education sphere.

At just 20 years old, this budding talent from Piedimonte Etneo, in the province of Catania, recently earned a degree in Business Administration and Management, sparking great interest and admiration within the national academic community.

In an exclusive interview with the newspaper La Sicilia, the recent graduate firmly expressed his determination to revolutionize the Italian educational system. His vision is grounded in the concept of forward-looking education, where students are prepared to tackle the increasingly complex challenges of the modern world.

One of the young graduate’s primary objectives is the establishment of an innovative school offering cutting-edge education, integrating topics of significant relevance such as artificial intelligence and cybersecurity into the curriculum. He staunchly argues that a paradigm shift in education is necessary to bridge the gap between what is currently taught and the skills required for the future.

In addition to his ambitious education projects, the young graduate has also declared entrepreneurial aspirations, aiming to launch a startup with some friends within the next eight years. After achieving this venture, his subsequent goal will be to return to studies to complete a master’s in Education Innovation, possibly at the prestigious Harvard University.

With unwavering determination and a clear vision for the future, the young graduate aims to make a significant difference in the realms of education and entrepreneurship. His journey will be closely monitored, as it could have a noteworthy impact not only on the Italian education system but also on an international scale.