Creating a bridge between diverse professional backgrounds, promoting a community of best practices, and encouraging peer learning.

These are the objectives of the “Entrepreneurs’ Café,” networking and interaction meetings involving industry experts, aimed at stimulating the sharing of knowledge on key topics such as entrepreneurship, innovation, technology transfer, sustainability, and urban regeneration.

The event “Technology Transfer, User Manual: Market Perspective” is the first in this series of appointments – organized as part of the MUSA project and specifically by Spoke 3 – and is scheduled for February 28 from 9 to 10:30 am, at the Academy FrancoAngeli Bicocca, located in Viale dell’Innovazione, 11, in Milan (lower square in front of the Arcimboldi Theater).

Speakers will include:

Luca Passoni, Senior Manager at PwC Tech Transfer Hub Innovation Gabriele Secol, Partner at Deloitte Officine Innovazione.

At the heart of the meeting is the importance of innovative solutions and new technologies resulting from academic research, crucial for the sustainable development of various industrial sectors, both in creating new entrepreneurial projects and in improving the research and development activities of existing companies.

The event will also be available for streaming via the Webex platform (registration form required to receive the link).

This event represents a milestone for those working in the entrepreneurship and research sector and offers a unique opportunity to explore the dynamics of technology transfer from theory to practice, without losing sight of market implications.

Moreover, it will be an unmissable opportunity for doctoral students, early career researchers, spin-offs, and students interested in innovation to discuss together the strategies, operational methods, opportunities, and collaborations necessary to effectively transfer technological expertise.

Participation in the event is free, but registration is required (link below).

The event will conclude with a networking coffee, providing further opportunities for exchange and collaboration among participants.