The eighth edition of Isola Design Festival, an event organized by Isola, a physical and digital platform dedicated to design, will open to the public during Milan Design Week from April 15th to 21st, 2024.

The aim of this new edition is to discover new locations such as Lampo Milano, WAO PL7, and Galleria Bonelli, finally brought into the spotlight during one of the busiest weeks in the Lombard capital.

The goal is to transform these stimulating locations into hotspots of the district. Isola Design Festival will strive to achieve this with exhibitions, installations, events, workshops, live performances, and talks involving over 320 international designers, design studios, creatives, and manufacturers hosted in over 40 locations, including three main hubs.

“This Future is Currently Unavailable” will be the theme of the 2024 edition because, as the slogan states: “Design must become the bridge to shape the future and lead us to a better tomorrow”; a future that looks beyond Italian borders. Isola Design Festival has already established contacts with the London Design Festival, the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, Tanween in Saudi Arabia, and Dubai Design Week. Milan reaching beyond itself, becoming a global capital of design by hosting diverse cultures, including those from the Middle and Far East.

With diverse nationalities, three substantial intentions guide their work: innovation, sustainability, and craftsmanship.

Innovative, creative, fascinating solutions are needed, but without forgetting respect for the environment and the humanity of the protagonists of design, Italian and international, to understand how this discipline can shape the world of tomorrow.

In this sense, Isola Design Gallery will host a section curated by Juan Torres for DesignWanted titled “ENHANCE – Design for Social Impact,” focusing on design initiatives that have a positive impact on our society, presenting innovations such as devices that harness solar energy to generate light/electricity, systems that recycle waste within a circular economy, and mechanisms that extract drinkable water from fog.

Participating designers include Cheuk Laam Wong, Fucina Frammenti, Nick Geiper & Charlotte Von Ravenstein, Pavels Hedström, Rehub. Isola Design Festival 2024 will consist of several focal points: three main hubs – Lampo Milano, WAO PL7, and Stecca 3.0 – and five exhibitions curated by the creative team of Isola led by Elif Resitoglu (creative director of Isola Design Group) and other guest curators. In collaboration with L’Essenziale Studio and HeyCrates, Isola will also create a Pop-Up Design Store where visitors can purchase small pieces of design, magazines, and many other products from Isola’s community of designers/exhibitors.