The project that creates a bridge between hospital and territory for faster and more efficient care

Telecardiology has emerged as a vital field within telemedicine, promoting collaboration between hospital and community medicine. For this reason, a pilot study introduces an innovative paediatric telecardiology system, comprising a telecardiology system seamlessly integrated with a hospital telemedicine platform.

The project is based on the telereferral system and in this case telecardiology, allowing the integration of hospital and territory, this facilitates the life of the patient by allowing the request of the general paediatrician for an electrocardiogram, for example for screening purposes in the case of sports visits. This is a quicker referral tool from the hospital, allowing the patient to simply go to the general paediatrician with easier and quicker access to care.

The primary objective was to test a smooth flow of ECG execution, transmission and reporting between primary care paediatricians’ clinics and the hospital. User experience surveys were also considered. The system used for the project is Cod20, a specific telemedicine platform that is used at the Vittore Buzzi Children’s Hospital, promoting collaboration between the hospital’s cardiology system and community paediatrics. A total of 158 children between the ages of 4 and 16 were involved.

This paediatric telecardiology system offers a valuable diagnostic tool to improve patient management in the community, reducing direct and indirect costs for the National Health System and improving access to cardiological examinations, which are generally more complex in paediatric settings.

The project ‘A paediatric telecardiology system that facilitates integration between hospital-based services and community-based primary care’ was awarded during the Third General Meeting of MUSA for its contribution to paediatric telecardiology through a pilot study that reported significant data on the quality of data transmission and patient experience in the category ‘Healthcare services’.