This year’s Milan Design Week explores themes of shading and heat islands, squares and markets, as well as the redevelopment of urban areas and urban furnishings.

A highlight is the inaugural edition of “Shade Lines – living the square,” led by Alessandra Mauri and Giuliana Zoppis of Best UP. The project, backed by Municipality 5 – City of Milan, and supported by the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security, City of Milan, and ADI – Industrial Design Association, Lombardy Delegation, delves into the pressing question: “Why is shading vital in today’s cities?”

The initiative takes place in Piazza Adriano Olivetti during the Fuorisalone, featuring a bustling market, workshop performances, and community moments. This intervention aims to mitigate heat islands, rethink street markets, and analyze waste circularity, transforming the square into a multigenerational hub of conviviality.

Piazza Adriano Olivetti, a central location for this project, represents a new urban destination in Milan, designed for social and cultural aggregation. Its unique landscape, blending tree-lined squares with water gardens, epitomizes the fusion of industrial and agricultural landscapes typical of Milan’s southern region.

Through projects like “Shade Lines,” cities are integrating comprehensive shading strategies into urban planning, crucial for combating climate change effects and creating more sustainable, livable environments.

The inaugural edition of “Shade Lines” concludes on Sunday, April 21st, with a celebration—a unifying moment that animates the square for citizens, students, visitors, and Milan Design Week enthusiasts.