On September 30th, the Bicocca Festival, open to all.

BiM – where Bicocca meets Milano, the significant urban regeneration project and the new cultural hub in the Bicocca neighborhood, celebrates the end of summer with the BiM Fest, a festival in Bicocca open to the entire city: on Saturday, September 30th, from noon to midnight, the BiM square will welcome the public with a day of free activities featuring music, art, local craftsmanship, and botany. There will be a market, food stalls, workshops for adults and children, artistic performances, concerts, DJ sets, chess tournaments, and much more.

BiM is born as a new urban regeneration project – a flagship theme of MUSA – which by 2026 will transform an iconic building in the Bicocca district of Milano, designed by Vittorio Gregotti in the mid-1980s on the site of the former Pirelli factory. The 250 million euro project involves an area of over 50,000 square meters between Viale dell’Innovazione 3 and Viale Piero e Alberto Pirelli 10 and aims to create a cutting-edge work destination where functionality and comfort coexist, offering business services and spaces dedicated to culture and social activities. It is an ecological gathering space that promotes circular economy and natural, social, and cultural biodiversity.

For the first time, as part of the festival, BiM will bring the craft market curated by Redroom to Bicocca. Forty exhibitors from all over Italy will showcase craftsmanship, jewelry, design, clothing, accessories, and live illustrations with demonstrations of traditional techniques and live painting for the audience. There are also sustainability-focused workshops for adults and children to promote environmental awareness. To complement the exhibition, there will be a musical selection by Redroom and Radio Raheem featuring live performances and DJ sets.

This initiative, endorsed by the City of Milano and included among the civic interest events of Municipality 9, will take place outdoors, with free and open access for everyone.

Among the activities are artistic performances curated by SPECIFIC, in collaboration with Nicola Ratti and Enrico Gilardi: IERI/OGGI/DOMANI, a game about identity, space, and time, a passage between dimensions that unfolds like a circuit, tracing a path that travels between yesterday, today, and tomorrow through sound. Spectators will be guided to discover the spaces of BiM through a series of evocative sound performances that invite them to perceive architecture from a new perspective, offering a distributed listening experience.

The intrinsic ability of sound to reveal and narrate the spaces it traverses and the surfaces it reflects upon multiplies and fragments, becoming the common thread and protagonist. This attention to the relationship between sound and space unites the artistic proposals that present different sound practices to the audience, with a focus on physicality, understood as the body and presence, and simplicity, or the ability to create meaning using few elements and resources.

The performance will culminate in the multidisciplinary spaces of SPECIFIC, a place where visitors will have the opportunity to experience the different languages of the collective, explore their creative concepts, and immerse themselves in the experience of its diverse program, bridging art and urban regeneration at the core of the BiM project.