The idea of sustainability and circularity is gaining ground in all sectors of the economy, becoming pillars of the corporate strategies of the most avant-garde organisations.

As a result, more and more companies are looking for qualified professionals in the green economy, with managers, clerks and workers all over the world moving from the fossil fuel sector to jobs related to renewable energy.

In Italy alone, the number of green jobs has risen to almost four million in the past year.

More precisely, the term green jobs refers to those occupations that play a role in preserving or restoring the environment. These occupations can work in traditional sectors such as manufacturing and construction, as well as in green sectors, which include renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Their objective is to:

  • Optimise the use of raw materials
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Minimise waste and pollution
  • Protect and restore ecosystems
  • Support adaptation to climate change

According to the latest UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) report, these are the jobs that will become central to companies in the near future and increasingly sought after by the labour market:

Sustainable Energy Expert
An engineering graduate, specialised in sustainable energy, coordinates the design of systems using renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar and biomass energy. He conducts detailed analyses of the area to identify the most suitable green technologies.

Environmental Marketer
The Environmental Marketer, also known as Green Marketer, is an experienced marketing and socio-economic professional. His objective is to communicate the sustainability values of a brand or company to the consumer, emphasising the environmental aspects.

Project Manager in the Green Sector
The Project Manager in the green sector, also known as the Environmental Project Manager, is responsible for the operational management of projects in all their phases, from conception to closure. Unlike a traditional project manager, he or she focuses on activities with significant environmental impacts and ensures that projects comply with environmental regulations.

Management figures related to Green Financial Products
Management figures related to green financial products, such as green project finance, are experts in sustainable finance. They deal with investments related to renewable energy, biodiversity, waste management and green building, guiding savers towards sustainable investment opportunities.

Energy Engineer
The Energy Engineer, a branch of industrial engineering, applies principles of physics, chemistry and other scientific disciplines to the design of systems for the rational use of energy. Its objective is to reduce environmental impact by developing sustainable energy solutions.

Environmental lawyer
The Environmental Lawyer is a professional with a law degree specialising in environmental law. He deals with legal issues related to the environment, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

Sustainability Manager
The Sustainability Manager, or Sustainability Manager, is committed to improving business behaviours and processes to preserve the environment. He intervenes in strategic decisions to ensure that every corporate project is sustainable.

Green Accounting Specialist
The Green Accounting Specialist advises on accounting, tax and financial issues related to sustainability and energy efficiency. He helps companies interested in investing in sustainable solutions.

Salesperson for the Promotion of Sustainable Materials
In various sectors, such as fashion and construction, there is a growing demand for materials with a low environmental impact. The Sales Engineer for the Promotion of Sustainable Materials promotes the adoption of these materials among consumers and companies.

Green Procurement Manager
The Green Purchasing Manager identifies and selects sustainable products to be offered for sale in shops or for use in companies. He is responsible for ensuring that corporate purchases comply with sustainability criteria.