The 'GreenGlam' project won, considered the most valuable among those by fashion and design students from Milan universities. Dozens of proposals for innovative ideas for a sustainable future

IDEATHON: Refashioning Milan, Providing ideas to rethink Milan as a Sustainable and Circular Fashion and Design Capital’, the initiative that took place on 10 and 11 May organised by Green Media Lab under the patronage of the Municipality of Milan and which saw the participation of students from various universities in Milan specialising in fashion and design, has come to an end. During these two days, the students presented their projects and exchanged ideas on how to transform Milan into a real capital of sustainable and circular fashion and design.

The winning project of this first Ideathon edition was ‘GreenGlam’, suggesting two days of workshops focused on upcycling, culminating in a fashion show to present a collection of denim garments made during the workshops. The aim is to bring Milanese citizens, in particular GenZ, closer to practices of sustainability and circularity.

The students’ ideas were collected and analysed by representatives of the Municipality and the Armani Group with the support of Monitor For Circular Fashion SDA Bocconi, a stakeholder that brings together virtuous companies in the fashion sector, promoting traceability and transparency, with the aim of contributing to the transition towards circular business models. Armani itself will offer the winning project the opportunity to attend the brand’s fashion show during Fashion Week in June, as well as a guided tour of Armani/Silos, the permanent exhibition space designed by Giorgio Armani.

The event was organised as part of the MUSA (Multilayered Urban Sustainability Action) project developed by Politecnico di Milano, Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, Università Bocconi and Università degli Studi di Milano – La Statale. Bocconi University, and in particular the team composed of Carlo Salvato, Francesca Romana Rinaldi, Elena Scoccianti, Francesca Boni, Nicola Ruggiu, Camilla Carrara, and Fahimeh Khatami, were the main promoters of the initiative. Moreover, Ideathon was included in the programme of Milano Civil Week, the civic engagement week promoted by the city of Milan.

For Francesca Romana Rinaldi, Director Monitor for Circular Fashion SDA Bocconi, “the involvement of the younger generation in initiatives such as Ideathon is essential to promote innovation and young people’s commitment to sustainable fashion and design. Students bring with them a unique enthusiasm and perspective that can significantly contribute to the transformation of Milan into a capital of circular and inclusive fashion and design. The project is designed to promote a positive change in the way we conceive and realise fashion and design events’.