A detailed overview of tertiary education and the impact of distance learning, with talks by experts and institutions at the University of Milan

On 29 May at 9.30 a.m., the Second Report of MHEO (Milan Higher Education Observatory) will be presented at the Sala di Rappresentanza of the University of Milan.

This observatory, born within the ecosystem of technology and sustainable innovation MUSA, will be illustrated by Professor Matteo Turri, scientific head of MHEO, and Professor Massimiliano Bratti, editor of the report. The event aims to provide an overview of the tertiary education system, focusing on the main characteristics of the student population, with particular attention to male and female students on distance learning courses.

The morning will begin with institutional greetings from the Rector of the University of Milan, Elio Franzini, and the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Milan, Anna Scavuzzo. Afterwards, Giacomo Scillìa, Director of Supply Development and Demand Management at Cineca, and Daniele Bernardinelli, Senior Data Scientist and Analytics Product Owner at Cineca, will present the Cineca-MHEO Dashboard, a tool for the dynamic analysis of data from the university and AFAM system.

This will be followed by a round table discussion, moderated by Orsola Riva, journalist for Corriere della Sera, which will provide an in-depth look at the topics discussed in the report. Participating in the debate will be Marina Brambilla, Vice-Chancellor for Planning and Organisation of Services for Teaching, Students and Staff at the University of Milan, Alessia Conte, President of the National Council of University Students, Elisabetta Confalonieri, Director General for Universities, Research, Innovation of the Lombardy Region, and Enrico Brighi, member of the Advisory Board of MHEO and Deputy Director General of the University of Pavia. The event will conclude with a speech by Marcella Gargano, Director General of Higher Education Institutions – MUR.

For the detailed programme of the initiative and to participate, please register at this link