Lost in translation, MUSA at Milan Digital Week with a workshop on a culture of shared work.

  1. A workshop aimed at bridging the world of businesses and universities to lay the foundations for a work culture. The key players are students, teachers, and companies.

    Lost in translationWork in Translation is one of the events organized by the University of Milano-Bicocca as part of the MUSA project during the upcoming Milano Digital Week, which takes place from October 5th to 9th. This co-creative event, held on October 5th at the Pagani Lecture Hall in Bicocca from 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM, is based on the method developed by the cultural association Sloworking, known as ‘The next wellbeing lab.’

    Founded in 2014, Sloworking opened a coworking space two years later to provide a physical location and a laboratory for social innovation open to anyone wishing to join the community and propose their vision of ‘work at the pace of life.’ Since then, Sloworking has been facilitating exploratory work on the limits of language to lay the foundations for a shared work culture.

    The theme of Milan Digital Week, Italy’s largest event dedicated to digital education, culture, and innovation, promoted by the Municipality of Milano and organized by IAB Italy, Cariplo Factory, and Hublab, is ‘The development of limits.’ These limits are becoming increasingly tangible in designing and acting.

    This sixth edition is a call to imagine, identify, and even create new solutions for a society that must develop within clear limits of environmental, social, economic, cultural, design, and energy nature, with the ultimate goal of making these limits surmountable.

    Hence the organization of an interactive workshop, where participants will be guided in exploring the languages and words from different backgrounds, with their respective generational, cultural, and role-related limitations.

    “The event is part of the activities of Digital transformation, remote working, and well-being: companies, employees, and trade unions” within the MUSA Societies research line. The project is coordinated by professors Valentina Pacetti and Giovanna Fullin.